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NORTH Fly MP James Donald has suspended his district development authority (DDA) chief executive officer (CEO) for allegedly misappropriating K1 million allocated for the Covid-19 operations, Western administrator Robert Kaiyun says.
“MP Donald was surprised that K1 million was all spent within one week only on awareness and suspended both the North Fly DDA CEO and the deputy CEO for an indefinite period,” Kaiyun said.
“The suspended officers were accused of not contributing North Fly DDA’s component funding to the provincial task force team overall Covid-19 operations effort.
“Instead, the CEO and his deputy formed their own district Covid-19 task force team and used that money to do their own separate operation in the district.”
Kaiyun said Donald suspended these officers on Friday for not complying with the state of emergency (SOE) Covid-19 operations.
Earlier on, Donald had posted on Facebook that he couldn’t believe that the accused officers had allegedly spent K1 million in a week carrying out awareness in the district.
“They drew K1 million from the district’s funds without the provincial Covid-19 task force sanctioning it,” he said.
“And further, my concern was K1million to be just spent on awareness programme was unrealistic and didn’t convince me either.
“I was expecting things like purchasing of personal protection equipment (PPEs) such as masks and glove, establishing isolation centres and other interface programmes that would all be funded together with the provincial SOE task force team to combat Covid-19.
“SOE orders are that only the provincial task force team controls, coordinates and sanctions funds for the greater provincial key SOE indicators.”
Donald said that the accused officers had failed the North Fly DDA board directions on the overall national SOE expectations.
“I was surprised when they reported that the funding was nearly finishing and that prompted me to suspended them and carry out investigations,” he said.
Donald said once the investigation was completed, he would know how the fund was spent.


  • Seriously”??…K1 million spent on awareness alone in just one week in a small town (Kiunga) is a joke. Something fishy is going on. I say it’s a fraud, investigation is a must!

  • Please we are tired and frustrated now just terminate their contract before carrying out investigation…God please help these greedy and selfish Papua New Guineans…

  • This is ridiculous and very very disappointing! Suspension without pay, investigate and charge accordingly, repay what belongs to the DDA and imprisonment terms suitable for the offences committed.


  • Jail is where they belong. No just suspension. 1million in a week for a tiny middle of nowhere stick place?
    Recover the money too!!!!!

  • Funds released for a specific purpose and its clearly spelt out in the State of Emergency Orders – come on public servants, more so, CEOs – you are there to SERVE, not to be SERVED. Stop usurping the powers of the Provincial Task Force Team. Read the Emergency Order – you are there to adhere.

  • This are the type of thieves we want out of leadership roles! Pathetic and undeserving of such roles! Thank you member for taking this move! There is a lot of syphoning and must be exposed…with the right political will!

  • Good on you MP, now what about the other MPs? Please check and do the same in your provinces. Start now before the tax payers are gonna lose these funds

  • Are you kidding???????? Please what is wrong with people appointed in positions of Authority!!!. One million missing within one week is a joke, for Gods sake!!!. This is daylight robbery at its best.

    Such persons should not only be in jail but should also be put on electric chair.

  • What a news!!! One million Kina is too much to be spent within a week for awareness alone. Please LOCK UP the two main culprits behind bars and make them pay for their mistakes should they be found guilty after the investigation. I am sure there are other parties who may have benefited from this money. Painimaut gut na stikim ass bilong ol plis.

  • Suspension? That’s a joke. They should be arrested without any questions and await their charge and trial from behind the bars. Such bastards don’t even deserve to see the sunlight.

  • People in authority just wait for opportunities for selfish gain. It’s very disturbing. Our country is finding ways to help us and here you are very irresponsible.

  • Imprisonment will deter others who are currently thinking like these two. Do it now to prevent the worse.
    While waiting for others who are being transparent and accountable.

  • yes definitely. They need to be locked up behind bars awaiting trials. This is the kind of people we just don’t like to see in our beautiful country. Bunch of idiots. They are not capable of being DAs to ya. They need to be electrocuted on an electric chair. shame on them……shame…..and shame.

  • Lock those two culprits up rather than suspending them. we are talking about peoples life not an animal. like them miss using peopels fund with a week.

  • Suspension of District CEOs over K1million misappropriation is a joke!! you as a responsible MP, should take a command lead in the best interest of your people’s safety and well being. Where were you Mr MP? Stop crying over spill milk, you(MP) should monitor and co-ordinate and ensure every toea spent on priority areas. Get these CEOs behind bars, 1million is not a free gift, remember, its a tax payers money.

  • Until an independent investigation report is produced, the truth will reveal then appropriate disciplinary actions will follow suit. We dont just jump to the conclusion. What MP did is appropriate.

  • People, what is wrong? How could you betray and exploit your own people. A Christian country with leaders of evil. Corruption in PNG has become a national cancer. Lord, please save your people

  • So the people of Western Province have to suffer another indignity and insecurity in silence at the expense of two greedy, self centered, self righteous,and so called son’s of Western Province. They have no remorse and regret that they have put their families, communities, LLGs, Districts, and the rest of the country at very, very high risk by their very actions and bluntant disregard of the National SOE Controller’s SOE Directives. Western Province does not need these kind of PUBLIC SERVANTS who have put the lives of the very people they serve at risk! Provincial SOE Controller, your authority has been compromised by these two officers. Fix this up and recoup some of the funds lost for the sake of our people’s health and safety during this period of uncertainty.

  • Just got them terminate and jail them, these are worst criminals who dosen’t to live. People are struggling to survive while others becomes overnight millioner.

  • Whhaat? Rotting Fish…..Throw them into the wolves den… Who else will be trusted to carry out such responsibility if people in high office are robbing the people they serve? if true that these monies were expended for awareness alone……thorough investigation must be done after the lockdown period in the meantime these criminals need to be put behind bars.

  • A thorough investigation must be done, these type of people should NOT be given any chance what so ever for them to hold any more of high leadership roles, untrusted and selfish. If guilty , make them pay.

  • This shows how incompetent both the MP and the DDA CEO are.

    You as an MP failed to draw up a plan on how the money should be spent and your DDA CEO also failed by not informing you how the money was to be spent. I can say that you as an MP will have to shoulder the bulk of the blame as well. You threw the money into the swamp. Your DDA also went haywire with the money within a week. Maybe bulk of the money is put to logistics and transport. I assume it that way.

  • Are they there for personal gain or help needy in the electorate, please utilise God given brain.

  • Tough penalties need to be enforced. Awareness for a week for K1M is unrealistic.

  • Goodness!! In times of devastating moments like this and yet people misappropriate public health and support funds…
    This is really inhuman…Sue them all!!

  • Do not look afar for causes to this misdemeanors. What do we expect when all of a sudden, small District Administrators of Districts in PNG overnight become Chief Executive Officers of District Authorities. Good luck PNG!!

  • They deserved a tuff penalty . Our country is going through hardship in this time and some people are enjoying themselves out there with the funds that made available to fight against the worlds most deadly disease which which is dangerous. If a person whom we have trust to control that cannot not use their God given brain its incredible thing ever.

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