MP thanked for allocation

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

THE Ihu District Umbrella Landowners Association has thanked Gulf Governor Havila Kavo for including the Kerema-Ihu road in the 2014 budget allocations. 

Association spokesman Aitari Huaupe said the road was vital to the people of Ihu, Baimuru and Kikori districts.

“Our people had to use the sea to travel to Kerema and Malalaua to catch PMVs to Port Moresby,’’ he said.

“On many occasions, people lost their lives in rough seas.”

Huaupe said the road would boost the local economy and help farmers take their produce to the market.

“Ihu district has great potential in agriculture. The copra plantations are being rehabilitated and redeveloped. Cocoa, coffee, rubber and other cash crops are being revived,” he said.

“The people have waited for too long for this kind of infrastructure development.”

He called on the people of Ihu to support the provincial government and economy.

He said those depending on betel nut sales should seriously look at other alternatives.

“We have the land, resources and the ability to boost the local cash economy. But we lacked the road network to connect us with the markets.”