MP to buy medicine for Mendi hospital


MENDI-Munihu MP Michael Nali will buy medicine for the Mendi Provincial Hospital if other district MPs do not want to contribute.
Nali told the Southern Highlands assembly last Thursday that he had already spent K1.5 million to buy important equipment for the hospital. Now he is going to buy medicine.
“The hospital serves not only the people of Mendi-Munihu but serves as a referral hospital for all Southern Highlanders,” he said.
“The hospital lacks medicine which is a huge setback. It is not my responsibility alone. But I do not want to see poor people spending money to travel to Kudjip in Jiwaka, Chimbu or other hospitals.”
He also said facilities in Mendi town were for all people in the province and not for any particular district.
“The reason I purchased two tractors for garbage cleaning in town is because drivers and associates have a history of misusing vehicles (dump trucks),” he said.
“They use the vehicles to load pigs, drink beer and other unnecessary trips.”
Nali plans many development activities in Mendi town and needs the cooperation of business houses, stakeholders and the people.
He said many roads in the outskirts of town would be sealed with help from the provincial government.