MP to facilitate peace ceremony

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

Goilala district will witness a significant moment when warring factions in the Guari local government area come together to make peace.
The man behind this event is local MP William Samb, who has played a major role in brokering peace despite taking office just last year following the passing away of MP Daniel Mona.
According to Samb, more than 13 years ago a fight broke out between two villages and later spread to others, also within Guari, resulting in loss of lives and destruction of properties.
Although there have been no reports of clashes in recent times, the situation remains tense.
Samb said the fight had a devastative effect on the movement of people and more importantly the flow of government services into the area.
“I have taken the initiative as the local MP to see lasting peace and normalcy return to all those villages affected so that we can all unite and move forward as a district,” he told The National.
Samb said on several occasions, he met with the village elders from warring factions to discuss and settle their differences
This resulted in the creation of the Guari peace restoration authority, with the intention to forge an understanding among factions to find lasting solutions. Samb recently presented K40,000 to the authority to assist in its endeavours.
“Our attempts in realising peace have been successful so far.
We will soon set a date for everyone to meet and make peace,” Samb said.