MP unhappy with lack of attention on school

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BULOLO MP Sam Basil is unhappy with the negligence of the Bulolo district education unit and Mumeng local level government over the poor state of Ziangkeh Primary School.
Basil was disappointed after learning that the school had been deprived of support from the district authorities for nine years.
The school does not have proper classrooms or housing for teachers as well as basic learning equipment and materials and infrastructure.
Head teacher Solomon Nalong, who organised a media visit to school, said the school’s 300 students (grade 3-7) were forced to sit on the ground or benches in classrooms built from bush materials.
Nalong said the school, located near the Bulolo Highway and Mumeng LLG station, also lacked desks, administration office, library, lighting and water supply and sanitation.
Basil said despite being located near the Mumeng LLG station and his property, he was unaware of the school’s existence.
“How come the school is visible from Mumeng LLG station and my residence yet I wasn’t told about the existence of Ziangkeh?
“I know about the existence of Mumeng and Zepa (Zenag-Parakris) Primary Schools only.”
District education manager John Tjipet told Basil the school was established by former provincial education appointment officer late Ephraim Kivia.
Basil was told local issues prevented Kivia from addressing the issues.


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