MP urged to proceed with project after dispute solved


THE people of Yekura in Morobe have told Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour to make sure that the fish market to be funded by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) at Sapa village is built.
Spokesman Poiyo Gamato said a land ownership issue between the two parties had been resolved and the people were looking forward to the project.
“The fish market must be built at Sapa village as it is centrally located, meeting our needs along the Morobe south coastline as far Eya-Gugumi and inland Waria as far Agotame-Gobe,” Gamato said.
Lux Yese and councillor Peter Yasaro also dismissed rumours about relocating the project to Morobe station because of the land dispute.
Attempts to get comments from NFA were unsuccessful.
Gamato also told Seymour to create another ward for Sapa to cater for the growing Yekora tribe including Boura, Katima, Sirisaro, BS Gaina and hinterland Ana-Pose.
“The two parties that argued over the land have settled their dispute and Yekora people are looking towards the construction of our fish market at Sapa and not elsewhere,” Yese said.
Seymour said the market would be built at Sapa and the jetty at Morobe station.