MP urges churches to speak up


IJIVITARI MP Richard Masere has urged churches to speak up without fear against the Government if it is doing something they think is wrong.
During the ground-breaking ceremony for the Youth Development and Rehabilitation Centre for the Christian Outreach Centre Lae City church last Sunday, Masere said pastors must hold the Government accountable for things that it was doing wrongly.
“There is one or two pastors doing this but the body of Christ must start speaking up,” he said.
“You need to start challenging the Government. If you don’t speak up, we might never know if we are doing the right thing.
“You guide us onto things which concern the people. You are there in every location the Government is not.”
Masere said the churches must not be quiet because the Government was funding their activities.
“You must speak up, you must challenge us,” he said.
“Do not allow money to shut your mouth. Challenge us every day. We are prone to failure but if you hold us accountable by speaking up, picking up the phone and calling us and telling us what God is saying, I believe this nation will be heading to the right direction.”
Masere said the church had the authority to speak out on important issues.

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