MP urges support from community

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 ANGLIMP South Waghi MP Joe Koim donated an excavator to the people of Minj, Jiwaka, to help improve and upgrade roads in their communities.

Koim, from the government-provided funds, donated a 10-seater Land Cruiser to Jiwaka police to provide security for the machines.

He bought a 9-foot banana boat for the people in Manda, living near the border of Jiwaka and Chimbu, to replace tyre tubes used as river transport in the Waghi River.

While presenting the equipment last Friday, Koim thanked public servants in Anglimp-South Waghi for their support with government services.

“I need support from you leaders to implement my five-year development plan for the electorate,” Koim said. 

He urged people to look after the machinery and operators.