MP urges women, youths to get organised

Youth & Careers

WOMEN and youths in Huon Gulf, Morobe, have been urged to organise themselves into registered groups with a structure and objectives to garner recognition.
Local MP Ross Seymour responded to women from the district who attended the 4th women’s inter-denomination conference at Eya village near the border with Northern last Saturday.
Seymour presented K5,000 to the women for logistical support and K20,000 for Eya-Gugumi Primary School as well as a 40hp dinghy last Friday.
Women’s spokesperson Dada John Dango said there was a lack of basic health services, including birth clinics, education, clean water supply and income generating sources to empower women and improve the livelihoods of families.
Dango said Eya-Gumi had been neglected over the years and they were thankful that the local MP had taken the time to visit them.
Almost 500 women from different churches gathered for a week to discuss ways to improve the mental, spiritual, social and physical wellbeing of the area’s womenfolk.
They also discussed their needs in adult literacy and numeracy skills trainings and participation in socioeconomic development.
“The crucial need for women is to have a source to generate income to sustain their families,” she said.
Dango said the youths also needed to be provided with opportunities in education and social and economic development.
Seymour said he was there to make a difference in his term and called for the people to work with him to bring services and development to their area.
He said K400,000 was committed to Morobe High School for school fees and other costs.
“The first K200,000 was released earlier and additional K100,000 for this quarter will be released shortly.”

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