MP wants students to follow uni rules

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

SAMARAI-MURUA MP Gordon Wesley has urged students from the district attending the University of PNG to stay away from any trouble on campus.
Wesley urged the students to be concerned about their education and future rather than getting involved in protests which could ruin their education.
“This could be your only opportunity to a brighter future. Therefore stick to what you believe in, your education. You are at the university for a purpose and that is to study to become a future leader. So do not waste it.”
He urged the students not to be forced into taking park in protest activities.
“What occurred last week is now being handled by authorities so there is no need for students from my district to take sides,” he said.
Wesley, who was returned to the seat in a by-election recently, said he would invest more in education by building quality infrastructure and sponsoring students to various tertiary institutions.
He said students facing financial constraints would be assisted.
He allocated K1.5 million this week to build education infrastructure in the district.
He is a member of the ruling People’s National Congress Party.
Meanwhile, the community at large has condemned the actions   of police officers.
These included Members of Parlaiment, NGOs, churches and media.
East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare said it was inexcusable that unarmed students were fired upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march on to parliament.
“We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict harm on unarmed students. What warranted police to surround the campus in the first instance? Is the University safeguarding the interest of our young people?” he said.
PNG Media Council president  Alexander Rheeney said: “If Papua New Guineans want to embark on a peaceful demonstration to air their grievances on issues of concern then why use firearms?”
“This shameful conduct continues to tarnish the image of the constabulary.”