MP: Work on bridges on track

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


FINSCHHAFEN MP and parliament Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc reconstruction work on damaged bridges in his district is still on track despite little funding available and transportation of material being delayed by adverse weather.

The bridges, damaged by flooding, are Buka and Mape in the Jabem-Mape local level government and Mungi in the Hube LLG.

Zurenuoc would not say how much funding the national government and the district had committed after the Mape Bridge was affected when the Mape River flooded. 

He visited the area and indicated millions were needed for rebuilding.

“Weather is always against us and transportation is also an issue as there is not enough cargo boats,” he said.

“Mape is still standing, the national government has put a little money to assist us but the weather has not given us chance,” Zurenuoc said.

Morobe Deputy Governor and Jabem-Mape president Judas Nalau blamed the provincial supplies and tenders board for being slow in finalisaing funding from the provincial level.

Nalau said they were still waiting on the Works Department and the provincial supply and tenders board but had already hired a private engineer who did scoping work.

“We have already put money to the bridge but PSTB is one stumbling block,” he said.

“Mongi Bridge is a big problem, we might choose to fly parts up but this is yet to be confirmed,” Nalau said.