MPs are greedy and self-centred

Letters, Normal

I am glad to see many Papua New Guineans are openly against the bill introduced by Moses Maladina to remove the powers of the Ombudsman Commission.
It is not in the best interest of Papua New Guinea.  
Papua New Guineans must be made aware that the Constitution, Leadership Code and Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leaders were made to hold our leaders accountable for their own actions and to the people and to protect their integrity.   
Our leaders, prior to Independence and immediately after it, were truly great leaders, free of corruption and their hearts for the country and its people.   
That cannot be said of our leaders today. 
They do not have the same conviction.  
They are motivated by self-interest, and greed.   
The fact that our MPs voted 83-0 in favour of the bill showed their true colours.
They do not want the Ombudsman Commission to have the power to stop them from amassing massive wealth.
Our MPs are shameless bunch of people who are not in touch with the people.    
PNG is the only country in the world where leaders implicated or linked to corrupt activity do not resign but criticise the investigative authority, calling them “stupid”.
They go to the courts to clear their names.  They may be cleared by the courts but that does not mean they are not corrupt.  
Their integrity is questionable.
The sad thing is Papua New Guineans now look at all politicians as corrupt and have no respect for them.  
People now judge the MPs by their performance.   
Those who bring in development and progress are seen as good leaders while those who do nothing are seen as corrupt, selfish and greedy.   
In the Westminster system of government like ours, the government is by the people, of the people and for the people.  
However, that cannot be said of our Members of Parliament.
The bill to curb the Ombudsman Commission’s powers is a recipe and incentive for corruption to flourish.   
The question the MPs need to answer is since they started receiving K10 million DSIP funds each, PNG should by now be a well developing country. 
There should be development taking place across the length and breath of PNG. There should be light throughout PNG. But the sad fact is PNG is still in the dark.
I call on the few MPs who are God-fearing, whether you are in the Government or Opposition, now is the time to stand for what is right and wrong.
Protect PNG by voting against this stupid bill.
If the Prime Minster is truly the father of this nation and care for his people, he must hear our cries and do what is right.
Otherwise, we are seeing the making of another Zimbabwe.


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