MP’s attention needed


SINCE the declaration of Moresby North West Electorate, the member has gone into hibernation.
A lot of things need the MP’s attention but it seems that there is no MP for this electorate.
The recently attack of St John Ambulance officers in Morata 2 shows that something has to be done to eradicate such attacks.
It is very risky at Morata area.
St John Ambulance is doing wonderful job to serve and rescue those in need and the quick response provided by them cannot go unnoticed.
As such, the incident happened in the electorate of Sir Mekere Morauta at Morata 2, but again the MP is gone into hibernation showing no signs of him. We wonder whether he was elected to serve the electorate of serve his own interest.
Wake up MP.

Morata Resident, POM

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