MPs’ attitudes criticised


I EXPRESS my grief over the recent impasse and attitude of the government MP’s and certain ousted MP’s which battle in the court of disputed returns as if a dog running for bones to meet its appetite.
Ousted Members of Parliament think they own the House and wish to maintain their status quo as if a birth right gift from their father, what a folly to see such practice.
This is undeniably a cry for power, greed and discontentment.
This is not a true spirit of good leadership.
Now, how about leaders who are battling election results in the court to justify their leadership although the result was not in their favour, what in the world are we running after?
My appeal and warning to the people of PNG that in these times the world will experience a social turbulence when these vying for greed, power, and discontentment continues to increase.
I think many wish to adopt the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar, but remember God is in control of PNG, for God is greater than the wishful leaders of PNG and me.
Truly the hunger for power, greed and contentment is very unhealthy for PNG leadership.

True PNG
Concerned Citizen (ZIG)

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