MPs back women

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 THE Government is now recognising the importance of the spiritual and development work of churches across the country, an MP says.

Members of Parliament attended the opening of the 9th Tri-annual Baptist Women’s Conference in Mt Hagen on Sept 23, where MPs showed their support for church work by committing large amounts of funding to the PNG Baptist Women’s Association (PNG).

Mt Hagen Open MP William Duma committed K40,000 towards the women’s conference.

Mul-Baiyer MP, Koi Trappe, committed K250,000 for the construction of a Baptist women’s convention centre and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill committed K200,000.

“The Government of PNG is recognising the development work of the churches and is working in close partnership with mainline churches to look at issues affecting our nation, mainly law and order,” Trappe said.

He said women were the pillars of this nation because they supported families, districts, tribes, churches and the nation through their prayers and commitment to church activities.

Telefomin MP Solan Mirism said through the prayers of women across PNG, the Government had seen many changes.

He said churches across the country were praying for good leaders in Parliament who upheld godly principles and had the people’s best interest at heart.

Mirism said the Government was strengthening its partnership with the seven mainline churches in PNG – the Anglican Church, Baptist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventist and United Church – through the church partnership programme.

PNG Baptist Union president, Patrick Gaiyer, acknowledged the work of the Baptist Women’s Association, saying because of the prayers of many churches across the nation, good changes were occurring.

“We need honest people. People with integrity and people with good values to see this nation grow,” Gaiyer said.

Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti gave K10,000 for the women’s convention.