MP’s comment childish: Wesley

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

Samarai-Murua MP Gordon Wesley has described as childish comments made by Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon regarding  the Government’s  caucus camp in Alotau.
Wesley was responding to questions by Philemon in The National yesterday as to why the Government was continuing to use Alotau and Milne Bay to trial new political devices at the expense of its peace-loving people.
“The governor should not forget that he was involved in the formation of two governments that signed accords right here in Alotau,” Wesley said.
“The first was the signing of the Doini 55 Accord which saw the formation of the Chan/Wingti government in 1992 and again he was involved with his party (Peoples Progress Party) in signing the Alotau Accord that formed a coalition with the ruling party (People’s National Congress Party) which was held in Alotau In 2012.
“The reason the Government caucus has come back to Alotau is to review the Alotau Accord  because his (Philemon’s) party broke its promise and walked out on the Government.
“Something has gone wrong in the Alotau Accord perpetrated by PPP, so we have come to review it.
“This is where the Alotau Accord was signed so it is fitting that the Government caucus comes back to where it all started.”
Wesley said the MPs in town were national leaders and not hooligans who were out  to destroy the province.
“Philemon and the rest of Milne Bay should be proud that the Government has chosen Alotau, known for its peacefulness as a famous destination for such gatherings.”
Wesley said Philemon should be ashamed for using the word guinea pigs against the people of Milne Bay.
“As the governor, he should be encouraging visitors including MPs to visit Alotau and Milne Bay instead of making negative comments,” Wesley said.