MPs don’t deserve special honours


I WRITE regarding the recent suggestion by the Morobe governor that past and current MPs should automatically be honoured in the Queen’s Awards in recognition of their work and services.
I disagree with that. Although the MPs work hard, they should know that they are mandated leaders and by law they have that constitutional obligation to serve their people, no matter how hard things might be.
Ordinary workers have to qualify for their job while
MPs gain employment by the willingness of the people to elect into office?
MPs are paid well to do what they do and certainly don’t use their own money or resources to serve their people. The work that they do is not charitable.
They use public money, which belongs to the people, to do their work.
Public servants such as teachers, doctors, bureaucrats and those working in private sectors deserve to be recognised for the sacrifices and contributions they make.

Hanam Bill Sandu

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