MPs hardly return to electorates after polls

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 SINCE the 2012 election, some candidates have never returned to their respective electorates to thank their people for the privileges they now have. 

A single visit to outline development visions for the district is overdue. 

Their presence and spending time with their people mean more than remote control decisions and actions from Waigani. 

How can you be moved by  the  plight of your people when you spend most of the time away? 

Leaders have a mandatory obligation to spearhead development in their electorates  through the district administration. 

Your absence only impacts changes and narrows the ability to drive forth development. 

If the people of Bogia in Madang  and Menyamya in Morobe are desperately crying for your presence, then ask yourself why. 

It is high time Papua New Guineans not wait until the 2017 election and not bow down to anyone who  thinks that getting into parliament through the people is the way to go. 

We need to enjoy the luxuries of being human beings, but we are being treated like stray animals. 

Please come back to your senses. 


Steven Kas

Milne Bay