MPs have let PNG down

Letters, Normal

ALMOST all rural villages in PNG do not have basic services, causing the people to suffer in silence.
Now, imagine if you want to become an MP.
You show up during election campaigning and promise the people you will restore everything if you are voted in.
They give you their mandate and after winning the election, you return to Port Moresby where you live in an expensive house, drive around in flashy cars trying to attract the attention of young girls, eat in exclusive restaurants, frequenting pokies joints and nightclubs, and travelling to Australia for shopping and medical treatment. 
One day, you decide to make a trip to the village to launch a semi-permanent classroom.
At the airport, you are greeted by your tribesmen and you hire a fleet of vehicles.
As the convoy makes its way to the village, the pothole-filled road makes your drive uncomfortable.
On that instant, you started working out your speech, what to tell the people. 
As soon as you get out of the vehicle upon reaching your destination, the flower girls put a garland around your neck while singsing groups welcome you with traditional dances.
Ahead of you is a litter decorated with flowers and leaves, and four human wheels, two on each side.
The human wheels then struggle to transport you to the stage because of your heavy weight.
But they grit their teeth and keep quiet because they know you will pay them well later.
On the stage, you wave and shout at the top of your voice acknowledging their presence and respect.
In your address, you tell the crowd of your rough ride and blame the public servants for not carrying out and implementing Government projects that MPs have been funding from the DSIP.
The roar and crowd nod their heads in approval.
This is exactly what is happening and you still think our good MPs deserved to be honourable so and so?


Lucas Kiap
Port Moresby