MPs make more pledges

Lae News, Normal


THREE Morobe MPs went into the districts of Tewai-Siassi and Kabwum last weekend and pledged more than K500,000 and  infrastructure.
Tewai-Siassi MP Vincent Michaels, Kabwum MP and Defence Minister Bob Dadae, Markham MP and  Morobe deputy  Governor Koni Iguan and provincial administrator Kemas Tomala  were hosted by the Wasu High School administration.After the school’s graduation ceremony, they visited two other primary schools and the Etep Rural Hospital.
Wasu High School principal Saya Daniel said the MPs made commitments in all these establishments, which are primarily shared by the locals and Kabwum people, even though they were located inside the Tewai-Siassi district. 
During Wasu High School’s 24th graduation ceremony, Mr Iguan committed K20,000 while Mr Dadae pledged K100,000 and a truck, while Mr Michaels promised a double-storey  classroom, a tractor and extra funds for infrastructure maintenance.
On Sunday, they visited Etep Rural Hospital and officiated at Kalalo Primary School before proceeding onto Satop Primary School.
On top of a K150,000 pledge,  Etep Rural Hospital was promised a morgue by Mr Michael.
Mr Dadae pledged K100,000 and a V-SaT telephone.
On their next stop in Satop Primary School, Mr Michaels launched an K80,000 water supply project and committed K50,000 while Mr Dadae pledged K10,000.
Mr Iguan committed K1,000 while Mr Tomala committed K5,000.
Most of these commitments are for infrastructure developments next year.