MPs must reject Kondra proposal

Letters, Normal

PAPUA New Guinea hopes to remain united by 2050 as documented at the governors’ conference in Lae in August.
Mineral, oil, land and sea among others, are not evenly distributed throughout the country.
Some people have more land and some less.
Those who have more land will take advantage and become rich while unfortunate ones will be like very poor or slave to the other.
Our society is something like India, which is divided into three main classes – upper, middle and bottom.
The rich call the shots while the poor have no say at all.
For instance, certain landowner groups are not interested in building hospitals, road networks or schools.
Instead, they send their children overseas to study and live.
But what about the rest of us?
In a democratic country, people are treated equally, whether young or old, men women or children because it is the core foundation of society.
Equal distribution of the profits brings tangible development.
Those who support the bill proposed by North Fly MP Boka Kondra care only for themselves.
They are not interested in the rest of us.
However, I say that PNG must uphold principles and laws that bind national unity and do not fragment the society. National unity is the main focus of our society.
We succeed or fall together as PNG and not as Highlands, Momase, Southern or Islands, province or district.
Therefore, any resource underneath or on the surface of the ground and under the sea are the property of the State (article 5 Mining Act 1992).
This act upholds the national unity of PNG for the future generations to come because the profits obtained go back to every one in PNG.
As such, MPs must vote against the bill.


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