MPs need to rally behind PM


THE momentum of speculation that is building up for the coming vote of no confidence shows the power of the media – and thanks to O’Neill Government for respecting media freedom.
While we are all entitled to our opinions on the issue of vote of no confidence, the principle question remains.
Who benefit from the vote of no confidence?
Obviously we don’t need a change of Government during this time when the country needs every MP in both the Government and Opposition to stand firm and support the Prime Minister O’Neill and his cabinet to manage the country during this difficult time.
This is critical because all of us know the fact that there won’t be any miracle change if the Government is changed.
The problems or difficulties that the O’Neill Government is facing now amid all the negative criticisms and personal attacks will not vaporise or dissolve like you woke up from a dream.
It will take decades to resolve the country’s numerous problems – which Prime Minister O’Neill and his Government are presently inheriting and appears to get all the blame.
These problems were there before O’Neill took over as prime minister.
But we can’t go back and blame past prime ministers and their governments for the problems we are currently facing.
And this is what O’Neill is widely admired and respected for.
O’Neill does not get personal by playing the blame game of who is right and who is wrong.
O’Neill respect past leadership and try to address the present in his capacity as prime minister.
In doing so, he has been decisive on various issues that past leadership were either ignorant or afraid to address.
He took some hard blows from critics by being unconventional but that did not stop him.
It inspired him to change this country and he did change the country in a far bigger way then we thought.
O’Neill resilience, pragmatism, decisiveness and intelligence makes him admirable and highly respected.
While everyone is getting too emotional and personally aroused against the O’Neill Government, little are they doing to see how the prime minister works.
O’Neill is a workaholic and sleeps very little since he became Prime Minister.
He works hard and sacrifice his personal life to make sure the country is okay during this difficult times.
While everyone has the right to express his or her opinion,
how much of what they say
against O’Neill and the Government is truth and how much are lies.
It’s obvious that there is very little or no substance from those who desperately want a change of Government.
All we read, see and hear are personal attack against the Prime Minister O’Neill and his Government.
The so called alternative Government has not clearly stated what it will do but continuously making personal attacks.
Most of the MPs in the Opposition came from the NA Government which collapsed due to centralisation of executive powers in their kitchen cabinet which kept most decisions secret and heavily guarded from Grand Chief Somare who was prime minister.
These same people are now aggressively campaigning for the vote of no confidence and going to the courts in their desperate attempts to remove a prime minister that has the whole country support and widely regarded as “people’s prime minister”.
Revisiting our question of who benefit from the vote of no confidence, it’s clear that certain individuals will benefit at the expense of destroying the best Government, consequently rendering the country further agony of political instability.
We have seen the fruits of political instability and at this time, the last thing we want is a change of Government.
While we respect the constitution we must also guard our conscience from the evil of power and
We have one prime minister who has performed beyond expectations and to remove him is not only wrong but is a sign of evil shadowing the good from seeing the
The country right now cannot afford to play politics and allow one, two, three or a handful of individuals to arise the unsuspecting and innocent public to think contrary of O’Neill Government.
Instead of working hard with their dirty techniques to remove the Government they must humble themselves and work with the Government to address pressing sovereign issues where the interests of the country is far more important than their personal opinions, feelings and wants.
It’s time to look at what the country needs rather than certain individuals desperately crying for power.

Samson Wena
Kerowagi, Chimbu