MPs need to work together


IT is improper and unappreciative of a person like Sir Peter Ipatas’ calibre towards Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
The prime minister cooperated with Enga governor and approved many of the projects which is now making Enga one of the best developed province in terms of infrastructure and other services.
I am still baffled as to why the person who was so close to PM decided to demise. The reason only known to himself.
The mass exodus of PNC members to opposition is a ploy to overthrow the prime minister not because of miss-management but because of personal egos among each of them.
Put it this way, a food served on their plate is not enough so satisfy them so they had to look for ways to satisfy them.
All of these PNC members should have left PM at the Alotau Accord.
Why happened just weeks before VoNC?
I encourage each of that opposition to put aside their differences and work along with PM for the betterment of this country.
We are one.
If something is not right that needs correction, bringing up for debate in parliament rather than forcing PM to resign.

Concern Citizen

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