MPs not supporting vaccination


THE current debate regarding vaccination requirements for business and the number of political leaders who have chosen to not stand up and support vaccination programmes highlights the serious lack of leadership in Papua New Guinea right now.
Most leaders across the world are actively promoting vaccination in their country as it is the only way that we get close to ending the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
While PNG has been lucky so far, we won’t be forever.
We think we’re immune.
We think that somehow divine intervention will save us if things get worse.
We think that this disease only affects others.
What we are not paying attention to is the number of people dying in the countries around us.
If developed Western countries with good health systems and a high quality of living are struggling, what happens to PNG with its appalling health system run by incompetent people?
What happens to communities who are without the necessities to keep them healthy?
Our economy is broken.
We should be wealthy, but we are not.
We should be healthy but we’re not.
We need the world to stop feeling sorry for us and start treating us as equals.
We need to open our country and start making things happen.
But we cannot do that until we get through this.
Our leaders should be stepping up and helping to end the ridiculous misinformation campaign within the country before it kills thousands.
The only reason misinformation is so bad in our country is because none of our leaders are standing up to speak honestly about the benefits of vaccination.
If you follow the news, there have been hundreds of anti-vaxxers dropping dead from the Covid-19.
PNG has one of the worst vaccination rates in the world.
All our leaders are busy thinking about the next election.
They think if they speak up, they will lose.
They are prioritising their re-election instead of doing what is right.
It is interesting that most of them have chosen to be vaccinated to protect themselves.
But none are talking about it because they’re afraid that it is unpopular.
Come on PNG, where is the good leadership?
Why can’t we find good leaders to step up and lead the way on this and many other important issues for the good of our people?

Step Up PNG