MP’s trial into final phase

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A LEADERSHIP Tribunal inquiring into allegations of misconduct in office by Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim has been adjourned for a final hearing on Sept 6.
Of the 22 allegations levelled against him, he pleaded guilty to one.
Three were struck out.
Mirisim had pleaded guilty to declaring false and misleading information in his annual statements for 2011/2012 and 2012/2013.
The three allegations struck out were on the:

  • CORPORATE income tax for the Motop Business Group Inc;
  • SALARY and wages tax for the Motop Business Group Inc; and,
  • GOODS and service Tax for the Motop Business group.

Yesterday, he responded to the remaining allegations before the tribunal chaired by Justice Les Gavara-Nanu.
During cross examination, Mirisim told the tribunal that the allegation about him not declaring a receipt for K20,000 from the People National Congress Party was because the money was given to him by the party to travel with his team to Port Moresby after winning the general election in 2012.
He said the amounts of money he received in his personal bank account from various sources were intended for parents and villagers for children’s school fees, allowances and to buy items such as roofing iron and water tanks to send to Telefomin.
On the money from North Coast Aviation, he said it was to assist the ward council presidents to attend meetings.
Mirisim clarified that the K30,000 he had asked from the Motop buinesss group was to conduct a district development authority meeting, which he reimbursed later.