MPs urged to make tougher laws to stop homebrew and marijuana use


LAE Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr has called on MPs to pass tougher laws to deter homebrew and marijuana production and consumption.
A concerned Wagambie made this call yesterday following yet another “street fight” at a settlement in Lae where a policeman was killed and another man stabbed with a pair of scissors.
Six houses were razed and other properties destroyed.
The incident happened at a section of the 3-Mile settlement in Lae.
“I call on our leaders in Parliament to consider passing laws to ensure penalties for drugs and homebrew become tougher,” Wagambie said.
“This will be a deterrent to those consuming (homebrew and marijuana) and causing problems in the community.
“The number of murders, wounding cases and serious crimes being committed by people under the influence (of homebrew and marijuana) is of great concern to the police.”
Wagambie said homebrew and marijuana production and consumption were rife in the community and it needed a concerted effort from everyone and not police alone to address the issue.
“It is something that needs to be addressed by the community as a whole,” Wagambie said.
“People must report to police those who are manufacturing and selling (homebrew and marijuana).  We have a toll-free number where informants can call into and direct police to the location.”
Wagambie is not the only one who has raised this concern. A number of district court magistrates in Lae have over the years raised similar concerns when handing out their respective decisions – that tougher penalties needed to be imposed on people who produced and consumed homebrew and marijuana.