MPs urged not to use Sir Michael as puppet

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The National, Monday 23rd January 2012

POLITICIANS in the Somare camp should stop using Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare as a puppet to smear the commendable reputation he built during the past 40 years, a former National Alliance Party life member says.
Rasis Gorondowe, from Daulo district, Eastern Highlands, said in Goroka last Friday: “It is time Sir Michael is left alone to recover from his heart operation.
“MPs in his camp must stop using him as a puppet to pursue personal interests,” Gondorowe said.
He said it appeared Madang MP Sir Arnold Amet, suspended Angoram MP Arthur Somare, Pomio MP Paul Tiensten and Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru were using Sir Michael as a tool to pursue their own interests.
“Sir Michael has achieved a lot for Papua New Guinea.
“But it is now time for young vibrant leaders of the likes of Peter O’Neill to take charge of the country.
“They must now leave him alone and provide a minority opposition for the remaining four months before the general election,” Gorondowe said.