MPs urged to also pay fees for students abroad

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The National, Friday 24th May 2013

 PARLIAMENTARIANS paying school fees for students attending tertiary institution have been urged to also consider helping those studying overseas.

Benjamin Kombra from Nebilyer in Western Highlands said the Government was paying fees for all students in the country not those studying overseas.

He said he financially supported his son Alfred, a second-year civil engineer student, at the Adamson University in Philippines.

“I feel the pain and believe that the priority given to education by the national government and MPs has to be balanced for all students studying here and overseas,” he said.

“Former Western Highlands governor Tom Olga was giving support to these children (studying overseas) and since he lost the election, the support was not continued.”

Kombra urged the provincial government to find a way to help students studying overseas.

“I welcome the national government free education policy and even Governor Paias Wingti’s policies on education,” he said.

“I want to call on my good leaders to look into this matter and provide assistance so that our children abroad can receive the same benefits so that they can get a better education as they are representing our country and the people,” Kombra said.