MPs urged to be lawmakers

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

LAW Reform Commission chairman Dr Eric Kwa is urging all new parliamentarians to be “law makers” and not “project supervisors”.
Kwa said that yesterday in response to a question raised by Western Governor Ati Wobiro during the induction for new members of parliament.
Wobiro asked what they, as politicians, would do when peopled judge a leader by the number of projects and not legislation.
“If you tell us our role is to make laws and not be involved in projects, what will we do when our people vote us back not because of the number legislations we passed but by the number of new projects we brought in our term as the MP. To return for another five or 10 years we need to give projects to our people,” Wobiro said.
Kwa acknowledged Wobiro’s comments were facts but said, as leaders, MPs needed to break that trend in voters.
He said that needed the efforts of parliamentarians and non-governmental organisations and other organisation to run workshops to educate voters on the role of MPs.
“It is true that voters tend to see the number of projects a MP has brought, but it is not about being re-elected for another five or 10 years. It is about following the systems and process,” Kwa said.
He said the Constitution provided a separation of powers between the three arms – legislative, executive and judiciary – and each arms must respect each other’s role.
But, he said, that did not mean each of the arms could not cooperate.
“The Constitution clearly says that we have three arms of government and they have independent powers but that is in principle.
“It does not mean that you cannot work in cooperation. You can see a judge and ask him for his help but when he is in the court room you have to respect him as judge.
“It is not for you to criticise any judge.
“If a bill becomes an act and is challenged in court, always bring it back and try to fix areas that are not helpful,” Kwa said.