MPs urged to say ‘no’ to amendment

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TRANSPARENCY International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) said they will convince the National Parliament to revoke its decision to clip the important powers of Ombudsman Commission that confines the use of public money by ministers and MPs.
A spokesperson for the anti-corruption group said yesterday TIPNG would be meeting with members of the parliament, including Esa’ala MP Moses Maladina, who tabled the amendment, and political party representatives next week.
He said this was part of an ongoing two-month awareness campaign leading up to presentation of the petition before May 4 to Parliament to alter the vote for the “Maladina amendment”.
“We are writing to all MPs to meet with them because we concerned that some of them may have made rushed decisions without understanding properly what they were voting for and the impact their vote may have on the future and the people of PNG,” he said.
“We are more than happy to meet with Mr Maladina and the MPs and to talk with them and try to convince them that weakening the powers of the OC is the wrong thing to do and together try to find solutions on how we could review OC powers and see what we can do fit in or add on to ensure it works for the benefit of all,” he said.
He said that not all politicians were against the bill and that Parliament might have voted without the presence of other 20 MPs just to get the number for the amendment.
He said the awareness and the call to join the community coalition against corruption (CCAC) to oppose the “Maladina amendment” had drawn a lot of from people, including groups, organisations and institutions from around the country.