MPs urged to stop fighting

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The National, Wednesday 28th December 2011

A COMMUNITY leader in Western Highlands has called on parliamentarians not to create two factions of government.
Dei district’s Nelson Sent said members of parliament must show the true colour of leadership for the good of the nation.
The two factions must show respect for each other so that together they could take the country forward.
Sent said in the past few days the nation had faced chaos in leadership.
He said the two factions led by Sir Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill must come together and discuss a way to resolve the political stand-off.
Sent said fighting over the prime minister’s post in the past few days had destroyed the image of Papua New Guinea as a Christian country.
He said the world was watching the leadership in chaos and “it is a shame to our young nation”.
Sent said if the stand-off continued the Governor General should dissolve parliament and call for a fresh election.
He said as leader and a citizen he wanted leaders to stop misleading the nation as the political crisis was a threat to investors.
He said PNG was a Christian country and the Constitution needed to be followed at all times to ensure a stable government was in place.
Sent said whatever decisions the leaders made would determine the nation’s future.