MPs urged to support anti-drugs campaign

National, Normal

The National, Monday 19th December 2011

MEMBERS of Parliament in the Western Highlands and Jiwaka provinces have been urged to fulfil their commitments towards Operation Stopim Drug.
The operation campaigns against smoking and growing of marijuana.
The group directed its comment towards Western Highlands Governor Tom Olga, Dei MP Puri Ruing and Jiwaka Transitional Authority chairman and North Waghi MP Benjamin Mul.
The three leaders have so far committed K110,000 towards the operation to carry out more awareness into remote parts of the province.
Operation Stopim Drug executives claimed they were still waiting for the money to be paid to them so they could carry on the campaign.
They said if there were funds and resources available to help groups and organisations to go out and condemn bad activities like the smoking and growing of marijuana, “it will help the nation a lot in developing quality citizens”.
They said since the campaign started more than 20,000 youths from throughout the highlands region had given up the illegal act.
Operation chairman Justin Nekints said it was coming towards the end of the year and they needed support from their leaders.
Nekints said that they were not begging but simply reminding the leaders that their commitment was very important to the group.
He said Operation Stopim Drug was slowly reaching other parts of the Highlands region.
Nekints said if one person took marijuana, he or she would be influencing five other people.
He said if they tried to change that one person “then it can change five more people”.