MPs urged to unite, build towns

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 A LONG-serving retiree from the East New Britain provincial administration has challenged local politicians to stand together to ensure equal development in the towns of Rabaul and Kokopo.

Peter Buak served in the public service since 1975. He served as the town manager of Kokopo since 2000 and later as deputy provincial manager. 

In 2006, he signed a contract with Gazelle Restoration Authority (GRA) in 2006 as manager and his contract will lapse in September 2014.

Sharing his experiences with having been a part of development in Kokopo and ENB as a whole, both at the policy and implementation level, he said a lot of development has taken place in Kokopo as the new provincial capital.

“However I would like to see Kokopo and Rabaul to be regarded as twin towns or sisters,” Buak said.

“At present, it is like building empires where the people of Kokopo are focusing on building Kokopo while the people of Rabaul are doing the same for Rabaul.”

“But we cannot achieve anything that way and members of parliament have to work together so we develop these two towns together.”