MPs want major infrastructures


TWO parliamentarians in Chimbu are not happy that major infrastructure developments delivered in the country by the previous governments benefited a few selected provinces.
Minister for Higher Education Research, Science and Technology and Gumine MP Nick Kuman and Kundiawa-Gembolg MP William Golg made the comments at the Kup Airport project site in Chimbu last Wednesday.
Kuman said two Highlands provinces, Chimbu and Jiwaka, had not seen much tangible development.
He said with the Kup Airport project initiated, the government had support that with better roads in both provinces. Kuman said all provinces needed to be treated fairly.
He said all provinces contributed to the national government and needed to benefit from that.
“We have been missing out on so many programmes of the national government because of the unfair distribution of wealth.”
“This will be our only projects because in past years we missed out,” Kuman said.
Golg said the Kup Airport would become the first project to be delivered to the people from both provinces.
He said Kup would become the Chimbu and Jiwaka provincial airport.