MPs with different views should join Opposition: PM


PRIME Minister James Marape says those in the Government who differ in view to the coalition he leads, such as his predecessor Peter O’Neill, should join the Opposition.
“Not everyone shares the same views with me. Lately there have been one or two with differing views and they are very encouraged to sit on the opposite side and we square off on the floor,” he said.
“Chief among them is the leader of the People’s National Congress Party Peter O’Neill.
“He chose to differ with us. His conduct lately shows that he is not willing to work with us as a team.”
Marape said Leader of Government Business Rainbo Paita had already stated that O’Neill had no place on the government side.
The National Alliance Party yesterday boosted the numbers on the Government side with party leader Patrick Pruaitch and his 19 MPs crossing the floor.
“They bring with them 19 members of parliament which means that we are almost occupying the entire space on the floor of parliament.
“I’m not here to force anyone. But as I said, those who choose to differ from us (can join the Opposition benches).”
He said living in tough economic times “requires leadership to make tough calls. And we will be making tough calls”.


  • O’Neill is a rotten apple with differing views in a crate of good apples with the same mindset to rescue PNG from O’Neill’s squandering of the country’s money base during his reign under PNC so he must go or he will be removed.

  • Peter O’Neill is like a rebel within the government ranks stirring up things. He is still opposing every views of the current government and yet he sees fit to remain in the government. He has been given a freedom of choice to shift to the other side yet he remained. I thinks it’s time he should be given marching orders to join the opposition. It would be wise not to retain a contaminant within the government as the contamination will eventually diffuse and contaminate the entire government.

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