MRA clarifies issues on tenements

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 PEOPLE with issues relating to tenements must submit written objections within the timeframe set out in public advertisements and related gazettal notices.

A landowner may attend warden hearings and raise and discuss those issues with the tenement holder at that forum. 

Warden hearings are held in the tenement area at venues and dates set in the advertisements.

Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) executive manager for the regulatory operations division (ROD) Roger Gunson said this in response to queries relating to the exploration Licence (EL) 1762 located on the Kubor range in the Chimbu. 

The queries followed complaints by landowner company Bari Resource Development Association (BRDA), saying they did not want the current tenement holder Kair Engineering Company’s (KEC) EL to be extended when it expires. 

Gunson said: “Matters relating to exploration licences or other mining tenements are not dealt with through the media but under the provisions of the Mining Act 1992.

“The Mining Act 1992 provided for these processes and systems to follow if anyone had objections,” he said.

Gunson said that provided an application for renewal of an expiring tenement was received before the expiration date of a licence, section 112 Mining Act preserves the rights of the tenement holder until the renewal application was finally determined. 

“Accordingly, there are many tenements which may have reached their expiry date but remained valid.”

Gunson said if anyone required details of expired tenements, they may search the tenement register held at Mining Haus, Konedobu.

A fee of K100 will be charged for each tenement searched, he added.

Gunson said subject to the nature of any objections received and as set out in the Warden’s Report submitted to the Mining Advisory Council, the renewal of the tenement would be recommended to the Minister for Mining for approval.

He said that a tenement holder should comply with its reporting obligations during the previous tenement term and meet its expenditure and exploration programme commitments.