MRA conducts survey in Kokoda

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

The people of Kokoda local level government area in Northern have welcomed the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) into their area to conduct geological surveys to update the geological information of the area.
A team of MRA geologists is in the area this week to carry out the survey.
The objective of the mapping programme is to collect new geological data and update old information that was collected by early mineral explorers between the 1800s and 1900s.
The maps from this period constitutes current geological maps. The new data will then be made available to stakeholders, especially potential mining investors, landowners and the provincial government for their respective purposes.
Kokoda LLG president Jackson Iroro said the MRA’s work was a positive development for Kokoda and the province.
He said the province needed finances to fund its development agenda and if what MRA was doing could lead to mineral investment in the province, he would support their work.
He said the results from the survey would help identify minerals in the area and their value.
Chief of Kebara village Kepas Toia said his people were committed to facilitating MRA’s work.
MRA managing director Philip Samar said the exercise was consistent to the Government’s plan to double receipts from operating mines by 2030.