MRA denies offering Wanjik top job

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The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

THE management of Mineral Resources Authority yesterday refuted a news article carried by the The Sunday Chronicle that James Wanjik had been offered the job of managing director of the authority.
MRA acting managing director Philip Samar “set the record straight” by claiming nobody had made the job offer to Wanjik.
“We therefore challenge Wanjik to substantiate his claim that the authority indeed made an offer to him by naming the senior officer who approached him on behalf of MRA,” Samar said.
“Wanjik is a private citizen who obviously holds a very strong negative view about the MRA and its set up and operations.
“He has his own reasons for doing so and like everyone else, people will respect your opinions but you have to take responsibility for them as well.
“I, as the acting managing director, may appoint persons to be employees of the authority.
“And I categorically deny that I, nor persons acting under my instructions, have approached a James Wanjik, or for that matter, anyone else on Saturday Sept 15, 2012 or prior to that, for the purpose of making an offer to these persons to become the managing director of MRA.”
“I challenge Wanjik to produce evidence that MRA did indeed need his assistance and so went looking for him over the weekend.”