MRA establishing data centre


ALL exploration and mining companies are required by law to provide to the State through the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) any information gathered on an annual basis, says MRA managing director Jerry Garry.
Garry said in an attempt to enhance its visibility on the mining industry in the country, MRA was in the process of establishing a data centre at its head office to collect timely information on how much gold and copper and other minerals were produced in the country.
“We have successfully launched Ok Tedi’s live stream data,” Garry said.
“Right now our engineers are working on installing and building the data centre here at MRA. As soon as we get the data centre in and all the software and hardware that are required to go in, Ok Tedi’s data will be streamed live from the data centre.
“Than we will target Lihir and Ramu.
“Both mines have been really supportive and have given us access to upload their live data onto our main central data system.
“After that, we will work with the other mines, including Hidden Valley and Simberi and when Porgera and Wafi come on stream, they will also be factored onto the system.
“There will be some reconciliations done to make sure that the numbers we obtain from the reports are within reasonable rates. With the work that we are doing, I am confident the country will be one of the first to have visibility on operating mines remotely.
“In that data centre, we will also hook up many of the databases we are trying to build at MRA and one of the important data bases that is missing is called the drill haul data base.”