MRA, Unitech sign deal to promote sustainability


Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) signed a memorandum-of-understanding (MoU) with PNG University of Technology (Unitech) last Tuesday to roll out scientific research projects.
The objectives of the MoU were for the two organisations to cooperate in promoting sustainability of the mining industry, while enhancing skills and knowledge of MRA scientists and Unitech staff and students, in specific disciplines of science.
Some of these disciplines include geothermal research and exploration, geological, geophysical, and geohazard hazard studies in the country.
MRA managing-director Jerry Garry said collaborations such as this were important.
He said as it was through such arrangements that partners shared resources, data and knowledge for the interest of the country’s development.
Garry said the MRA had a wealth of geological and related data that had been collected over many years.
He said it was happy to share this data through the partnership for the good of the country, and especially for the purpose of skills transfer to a new generation of scientists.
Garry committed his officers’ expertise and experience towards the initiative and pledged MRA’s commitment towards the MoU.
Unitech acting vice-chancellor Dr Ora Renagi said the university was pleased to be partnering with the MRA.
He said the partnership would provide an opportunity for both organisations, especially for university staff, to develop a knowledge hub from which their students could also benefit.
Renagi said it was important that through this collaboration, his academic staff could impart the knowledge gained to students to ensure learning was relevant to issues faced by mining-related industries.
The MoU was about imparting practical learning skills to the university students.
The data and information gathered is shared for the organisations’ own purposes, and for the interest of broader stakeholders including the mining industry and scientific research and academic agencies.