MSU urged to respond to cheating allegations

National, Normal

The National –Thursday, January 6, 2011


THERE must be an explanation or response from the Measurable Services Unit (MSU) about the alleged cheating by eight secondary schools in the Grade 12 examinations. 

The MSU’s silence over the alleged incident was the concern raised by teachers in parts of the highlands region since the allegations were made public.

Eight secondary schools nationwide had been identified and accused of cheating in the examinations.

The teachers said that even though education authorities at the MSU were aware of this, no proper action had been taken against the schools and students were allowed to graduate. However, this was not the case.

In 2009, three schools had allegedly cheated, while last year’s figures increased to eight having frustrated teachers complaining because they could not see their 

efforts in the classrooms pay off.

The teachers said there was no point in talking about quality education when there was cheating going on to spoil the whole purpose of education.

They questioned why the MSU and director Greg Kapanombo had been quiet because there was no excuse as to why no action had been taken.

They called on Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio and Minister James Marape to set up an investigation team to look into the matter.

The teachers also wanted explanations from education authorities before the schooling year begins or they would carry out necessary actions.