Mt Hagen candidate complains of supporters using threats

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013

 A CANDIDATE contesting the Mt Hagen lord mayoral seat is complaining of receiving threats by supporters and candidates vying for local level government council seats in Western Highlands.

Candidate Eliza Samson said threats made to candidates conducting honest campaigns and telling people not to accept bribes from candidates or their supporters.

Samson is a church pastor who is contesting for the lord mayor’s seat and said Mt Hagen was a God-fearing city and people must elect God-fearing leaders who could work with people in an honest way.

He said corruption would paint a bad picture of the city and urged people to elect God-fearing leaders so they would deliver services to the province.

Samson said if he won the election he would stand on his four policies –  spiritual, mental and economic empowerment of youths, giving a tenth of the budget to God, improve life in settlements, city beautification and work with NGOs.

“When we choose God-fearing leaders, all LLG funds that government budgets for service delivery will be diverted in the right areas and all benefits would be equally shared.”

He warned candidates and their supporters not to threaten people to gain votes and to campaign within the laws.

Samson urged Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen to provide surveillance video cameras in polling areas so that all polling areas could be scrutinised by security personnel to avoid foul play.