Mt Hagen tribe paid for leased land

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013


THE Moke-Komonka tribes living in Warakum, Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, were yesterday partially paid for the land they leased to the State for 52 years. 

The landowners had petitioned the police department for K300,000 for use of their portion of land. 

The police dog unit is located on this piece of land.  

They were paid K150,000 yesterday.

The land was leased to the State during the colonial era and the police department had taken ownership of it.

Assistant Police Commissioner Highlands Teddy Tei praised the Moke-Komanka tribes for their patience, respect and for looking after the police officers and their properties.

“As you have been loyal and good Samaritans, now your reward is paid off by presenting your claim of K300,000 made towards the state and police department,” Tei said.

He said that while presenting a cheque for K150,000.

He said he would make another payment in three months.

Tei urged the community to use the money wisely and invest for use in future.

He said police were there to maintain law and order and people should respect them so that peace could prevail in thecommunities.

He commended Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga and his administration for fast-tracking the claim.

Landowner and local church pastor Gabriel Bak thanked the Kulunga Police commissioner for the payment.

Bak said the land had been given to the state by their forefathers in the colonial era and “we have been patient for many years without making any complaints to the State or police department”.