Mt Kare work to start

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013


LANDOWNERS of the Mt Kare gold mining project have agreed with developer Indochine to fast-track exploration activities to see the mine operating in 2015.

They made the undertaking in front of government officials including 120 police officers, village court officials, land mediators and local leaders from Enga and Hela on Saturday during a feast.

The landowners who spoke in support of the project included Thomas Torami, Parao Tipapuli, Alembo Pasuw, Parapu Andiki, Cr Kandapi Iyupa, Kangaru Yape, Yale Iyunda and Cr Angai Akoi of Leapi, Pakea, Aloma and Apais clans who own major portions of Mt Ipusa and Kare where two high-grade zones of gold have been discovered.

Iyupa said they were happy with the company for using a Melanesian approach to carry out the exploration activities since they were granted a license by Mineral Resource Authority in 2011.

“We are happy to work with Indochine to fast-track the major activities in the advanced exploration stage. These include the identification of landownership and underground drilling to see the mine development coming into reality in 2015,” he said.

Company community affairs manager Joe Pais said the parties involved would start tracking the boundary to identify ownership after logistic issues were sorted out this week.

“It would take about three weeks to complete the process of identifying the land boundary of the possible special mining lease (SML) area,” he said.