Mt Sisa people in Hela need help


ALL elected leaders are mandated to walk side by side with their people to serve them in terms of service delivery.
Some leaders only visit their electorates to garner support to get reelected instead of showing genuine care for them.
District administration officers are supposed to know what is happening in wards so they can report to MPs and higher authorities.
For instance; the remote Mt Sisa local level government (LLG) in Hela has not seen a leader since the LLG election in 2019.
I believe our Governor Philip Undialu and Komo-Margarima MP Manasseh Makiba did their best to serve the remote Mt Sisa people.
Airstrips are the only lifeline for the people to access the much-needed services, but they are all about to close down due to poor conditions.
Basic government services such as health and education are also about to close because airstrips are the only source of delivering the much-needed services.
This is now an emergency call out to our leaders to hear the cries of the remote Mt Sisa people.

Wasoli 5A Bosco

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