Mul backs Banz league

Normal, Sports

BANZ rugby league was resuscitated with the presentation of K100,000 by local member Benjamin Mul for the fencing and building of a grandstand last week.
The local MP also presented another K20,000 for the preparation of the new field in Fatima which is likely to be taken over by the expansion of the main Jiwaka township.
Mul also presented K33,000 for the purchase of shields and trophies for the continuous competition as well as prize money for both the Banz and the Fatima leagues.
He said that most law and order problems in Jiwaka were caused by idle youth and therefore his aim was to empower and engage them in sporting activities to help prevent social problems.
“We must involve the youth not only to be positively occupied to address law and order problems but also to provide the avenues for them to succeed in life.”
Mul mentioned notable athletes and sport ambassadors like Jiwaka’s Toea Wisil, Marcus Bai and Stanley Gene who are positive role models for the country.
He said that sports also encouraged unity and small informal and formal entrepreneurial activities as people come together    and help improve the livelihood of the people.
The MP also committed another K100 000 to funds different sporting activities in the district for both the male and female divisions which will also prepare them for the 2012 Grassroots Games in Rabaul.
Meanwhile Mul urged the youths as well as the adults who are involved in brewing and drinking homebrew and Marijuana to quit and become good citizens of the new province.
"You youths must change your attitude as the Jiwaka’s future and development depends on you," he said.