Mum benefits from increased demand for seafood


FISH have always been an ideal delicacy for those who love seafood, thus, the demand is increasing, says a local fish seller.
Karo Dibura, from Hula in Central, decided to sell fish at the Koki Fish Market in Port Moresby after realising the demand. She concentrates on selling reef fish as it was a species that many customers preferred.
‘’It is a passion for me as I enjoy going out, diving and fishing at sea. I grew up fishing and selling fish and other seafood with my parents and until today. It has been 30 years fishing and selling.
“Fishing and diving, along with other mothers from the island, has become a hobby for us The great thing about this hobby is that it actually pays off,’’ Dibura said.
She said when the weather and sea were fine they caught and sold a lot of fish. But when the weather was bad, they often caught and sold less fish.
According to Dibura when there was surplus of fish being sold in the market, they often returned home with a lot of unsold fish which they shared among their families.
“However, when the weather is bad and there is less fish being sold in the market, we increase the price of the fish. This is when we make a lot of money,” Dibura said.
“Also with the recent kidnapping news spreading across the city, many customers are frightened to come to the market. As a result, many of the fishermen and fish sellers have not made enough income this week.”
Dibura sells the bigger fish for K8-K10 and the smaller fish for K5-K7 individually and in groups at K20-K25.