Mum, dad where are you?

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The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

A BOY of about 10 travelled alone by bus from the Miles area to Lae to meet his parents on November 13, last year.
He was late and missed his parents who were by then travelling by dinghy to Popondetta, Northern.
Since then, the boy has been living at Labu Tale Village.
The boy, Paul, told his experience to reporters who visited the Huon Gulf village, in the Wampar local level government area, opposite the Lae wharf.
He has been living with kind-hearted Gwayawe Cornelius and his small family for four months and has adapted well to his new home.
Paul said his father, Eddie was of Samarai (Milne Bay) and Bare (Northern) parentage and his mum Elsie, hailed from Garaina (Morobe) and Popondetta (Northern).
“I have two little sisters after me, another brother of ours has passed away,” he said.
Paul said he was asked by his parents over the mobile phone to travel into Lae from City Mission  to catch up with them at the Aigris market where they were to board a dinghy to Popondetta.
He said he changed bus at the Lae market and arrived at Aigris only to be told that his parents and a group of Popondetta passengers had left the Aigris market and that he had missed them by a few minutes.
Cornelius, who was at Aigris at that time, felt pity for the boy and decided to take him home.
“From time to time, dinghy owners get me to skipper their dinghy to Popondetta on hire basis, especially to buy betel nuts and I plan to take him with me there,” Cornelius said.
“But I have not yet been hired so we are still here,” he said .
“I just want Paul to be reunited with his family and I am appealing to his family members to get in touch with us.”
Cornelius can be contacted on 7214 2778.