Mum fined K800 for selling son for K800


A MAGISTRATE has ordered a mother who sold her two-week-old son for K800 to pay the same amount to the court as a fine.
Mt Hagen Magistrate Jacinta Doa also ordered the arrest of the husband, and the woman who bought the child.
They are expected to appear before her tomorrow.
She warned mum Yawama Kuna, 29, that she would serve two months in jail if she failed to pay the K800 fine.
The court was told that Kuna was having difficulties looking after her two children because her husband Amos Hari was not supporting them.
Kuna, from Sembriki in the Kagua-Erave district of Southern Highlands, was arrested last Wednesday and charged with selling her son to a woman. She told the court she had to sell her son because her husband did not provide her and the two children food and money.
She told the court that her husband was aware of what she did but did not object.
They continued to live together until last week when he came home drunk and asked her for money.
She gave him the only K20 she had.
The husband lodged a complaint with police that she had sold their son.
Police prosecutor Sam Nili submitted that the husband was not concerned about the son his wife had sold and had not make any attempt to get him back until last week.
Nili told the court that just because Kuna’s family demanded that he paid bride price before taking his son and wife back, he went to the police.