Mum gave her all for Arthur


ARTHUR Amos has lived by a simple life philosophy: If you want to achieve something, work hard for it; as they say, nothing beats determination.
Coming from a single parent family, Amos knew how important he was to work hard to achieve a goal or aim in life.
Thankfully he had a perfect role model in his mother who showed the way.
“I come from a single parent family, my mother was the bread winner for our family,” Amos says.
“My mother was a dedicated woman and single handedly raised us up. Even with limited education and a low income, she always managed to provide food, shelter and clothing for the family.”
The 24-year-old is from Bogewa village in the Sinasina-Yongomulg electorate in Chimbu.
He is the fourth child in a family of six.
Amos has three older sisters and two younger siblings behind him, a boy and a girl.
He describes his late mother as a person who had the determined spirit who never give up in life.
“She was the most beautiful soul that I ever knew. She never for once, complained about not having enough.
“As most mothers, she always wanted the best for her children.
“Though having little education, she always encouraged us to study hard and talked about the importance of education.”
Amos’ biggest fan and beloved mother passed away after a long illness.
“She passed away while I was doing my final year at UPNG.”
It was unfortunate she was not able to see her son graduate with an economics degree at the University of Papua New Guinea last year.
“I was busy studying when I heard the bad news, it was the saddest day of my life.
“First I thought, well that’s it, the reason for me being at university is mainly to make her proud.
“I have always wanted to make her proud…to tell her one day that the time, money and investment in me is not wasted. I have always wanted to put a smile on her face.
“I was thinking, there is no reason being at uni, maybe I will take two to three years off then maybe be come back with a clear mind to continue my studies as she was the only one person I held very dear to my heart.
“I said I would give this academic year back to mum, as this is what she would have wanted me to do if she was alive.”
His mother’s passing had an emotional effect on him and affected his studies.
“My GPA dropped in semester one at the peak of my mourning but I managed to pull it back up in the second semester.
“Giving up is not an option but to taking a break from studies is, but after all, I have always wanted to dedicate the academic year to mum and do it for her.
“My friends and other family members are very supportive but it has always been my determination that got me through.
“I always believe that I have a lot to contribute to the development of this country and getting my degree is the first step forward.”
That was for Arthur, his greatest achievement, completing his undergraduate studies despite all the obstacles and challenges he had been through.
His mother was there all through his journey from primary education at Bogewa Primary School, Chimbu.
Amos completed Grade six and eight at Milforhaven Primary Schoolat Lae, when his family moved.
“I was accepted to do year nine at Lae Secondary School in 2009.
“I completed my secondary education in 2012 and later got accepted to study economics at UPNG under the Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES).”
With the understanding that his mother was the only means of financial support for him did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.
“I always make sure to get part time employment since year 11 up final year to assist my mother for the school fees and other necessities.
“Most fees were paid by my mother with little help from the family. I also managed to secure sponsorship from the Morobe Provincial Government.
“During my second year I won a school fee sponsorship from Nasfund on academic merit. Thus they paid my full tuition fee for both third and final year at uni.
“My only regret was not having my mother here to see what has become of her input to where I am now. I owe all my academic achievements to her.”
After graduation Arthur worked with Nasfund as a graduate trainee under their first graduate program and resign due to personal reasons.
He recently joined the Department of Treasury, something he had always aimed to do.

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